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At Penn Dental Medicine at Woods, we understand that people with cognitive, developmental, or physical disabilities have trouble finding a dental team willing and able to meet their needs. Delaying dental care puts their teeth at risk and can have a negative impact on their overall health. In fact, research has shown that oral health problems can increase an individual’s risk of heart disease, respiratory infections, diabetes, and other health conditions.

Penn Dental Medicine at Woods is here to help individuals with special needs find dentists who are trained professionals, and create a comfortable, caring environment.

Dental patient

Specialized Premier Dental Care in Bucks County

Woods Services has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine – one of the leading dental schools in the United States, to provide access to dentists for kids with special needs and adults with disabilities. Patients receive care and treatment from a staff of professionals specifically trained to provide dental care for people with disabilities.

Our Services

Oral examinations
Cleanings (dental prophylaxis)
Oral cancer screening
Digital x-rays (reduction in radiation)
Occlusal guards (night guards)
Restorations (fillings composite, tooth-colored)
Crowns (caps)
Dentures (complete and partial)
Root canals
Scaling and root planing (deep cleanings)
Restoration of implants placed at Penn Dental Medicine at 240 South 40th St., Philadelphia

Our Specially Designed Facility

The dental facility’s design ensures that individuals with a wide range of disabilities receive premiere dental care in a comfortable environment. We are in a convenient suburban location in Langhorne, PA. Our center features a calm, quiet setting and ample parking. The special needs dental care suite is equipped to make treatment pleasant and safe for every patient. Special features include:


  • Treatment and consultation spaces large enough to accommodate multiple individuals and wheelchairs.
  • A low-stimulation room with lower lighting and soundproofing for patients with sensitivities to light and loud noises.
Exterior of Woods Medical Center

Your First Visit: What to Expect

During your first visit, our dental team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes an oral examination and any necessary x-rays or radiographs. Your dentist will talk to you about any pain, discomfort, or concerns you have and provide timely, appropriate treatment.

Two days before your first visit to Penn Dental Medicine at Woods, our scheduling team will send you an automated telephone message to remind you of your scheduled appointment. If you have any records, X-rays, or radiographs from your previous dentist from the past five years, you should bring those with you. Both printed and digital formats are fine.

People with disabilities no longer have to put off dental care. Our dentists are here for you. Request an Appointment


Preventive Care Video

Dental Examination Video

Suction Video

Use of Scanner Video

Radiology Video

Imaging Video

X-Rays Video

Getting Numb Video

Cavity Restoration Video

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Penn Dental Medicine accepts direct payments from most dental insurance plans. Payment is due in full at the time of service and is accepted in the form of personal checks, money orders, credit/debit cards, or CareCredit. Private insurance and Medicaid are accepted.

Our Staff

Care is provided by postgraduate doctors of dental medicine within Penn Dental Medicine’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry program under the close supervision of licensed faculty dentists with extensive experience in assessing and providing treatment to patients with special healthcare needs.

Appointments available. Schedule now.

What People Are Saying

“The dentist couldn’t have been more caring and calm with my autistic son.
He even told me he can’t wait to go back!”

~ Maria H.