Expert Behavioral Health Care Exclusively for Individuals with Special Needs

Every person deserves the opportunity to thrive. The Center for Behavioral Health at Woods is here to light the way. We have appointments available!

Our specialists are experienced in individual, group, and family counseling and are part of a wellness team that includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, nurse navigators, and counselors, who work together to offer a comprehensive assessment and effective strategies for each individual.

Our behavioral health specialists do not just consist of care providers; they’re architects of brighter futures. Specializing in a range of services from learning disability assessments to comprehensive therapy for special needs, including the Intellectual and Developmental Disability, IDD population, we develop personalized treatment plans and interventions that promote healing, growth, and independence based on each individual’s choices, strengths, and challenges.

We also offer a full range of outpatient services including psychiatric and behavioral assessments, cognitive and dialectical therapy, medication review, and telehealth.

Take the first step into a supportive world tailored just for your loved one. Please fill out the form to the right to request an appointment to see one of our behavioral health specialists.

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“We are so grateful they were able to see our son right away. Finally, we have some answers and know that he is getting the help he needs to claim his behaviors. His therapist is wonderful!”

Tom S.

“At Woods, I know my therapist cares. There isn’t a question in my mind, it is just the feeling I have gotten from the day I started. Not only does he care, but he provides a safe space for me to be open with him and I always feel like I walk away from our sessions with a new perspective.”

Chelsea K.

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