Get Practical Tips for Dealing With Anxiety and Depression

People struggling with depression and anxiety can find relief, restored peace, and renewed purpose.

To find out how, download the free eBook, Understanding Anxiety and Depression: A Comprehensive Guide for Individuals and Families, from The Center for Behavioral Health at Woods.

This easy-to-read resource gives you:

  • Clear information you can trust about anxiety and depression, to take the mystery out of what they are, how they affect people, and how to get help. 
  • Key signs that let you know when it’s time to seek help. 
  • Practical tips for handling depression and anxiety, pointing the way to better mental health and a brighter future.. 

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“We are so grateful they were able to see our son right away. Finally, we have some answers and know that he is getting the help he needs to claim his behaviors. His therapist is wonderful!”

Tom S.

“At Woods, I know my therapist cares. There isn’t a question in my mind, it is just the feeling I have gotten from the day I started. Not only does he care, but he provides a safe space for me to be open with him and I always feel like I walk away from our sessions with a new perspective.”

Chelsea K.

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